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Change vi Defaults To Not Display Line Numbers When Editing Files On Linux

Recently I was contracted to do some work for a new client that had around 25 CentOS Linux and Ubuntu Linux servers. The client needed various system administration tasks completed such as updating the servers, modifying a couple scripts that performed automated tasks, and a couple other basic tasks. I typically use vi to modify scripts or text files on Linux servers so when I started to perform my tasks I started getting annoyed as the vi default configuration included the line numbers which makes it a pain to copy/paste from the files you are editing. You can obviously turn off the line number display by typing “:” followed by “set nonu” (both without the quotes) however that does get old. Use the information below to change the default vi configuration so line numbers no longer display by default.

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Ubuntu 10.04: Disable popup description on mouse hover

Although Ubuntu is a fantastic Linux distribution they have done quite a few annoying things by default in a effort to create a more user friendly work environment. One of these things is the tool tips and descriptions which pop up whenever the mouse is hovered over anything.  This happens for links, applications, folders and pretty much everything else. Its seriously annoying for a seasoned Linux user so I embarked on a quest to disable it. Fortunately its very easy.

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Modify Opera Bit Torrent Configuration Settings, Modify Opera Web Browser Settings

Typically when I want to modify a setting related to one of the browsers I use I open the main Preferences configuration window, navigate to the correct sub section, make the modification, and then save the new browser configuration setting. Opera does have a typical Preferences configuration window however I was initially unable to locate the torrent settings from within the that Preferences configuration window so I had to do a little more digging to find out where to modify the Opera Torrent Settings. Below I display the default Opera Preferences window where I could not find the Torrent Settings and then the proper way to modify the Opera web browser torrent settings.

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Add a WYSIWYG Editor to ZenCart Product Descriptions

Adding a WYSIWYG editor interface to the ZenCart admin product descriptions page is easy. By default ZenCart actually offers HTML Area which is OK but since its so easy to upgrade to a real editor like TinyMCE or FCKeditor that is what I would suggest.

First if you want to just enable HTML Area you can do so by following these simple steps.

  1. Login to ZenCart Admin:Login to your online stores ZenCart administration system which is typically your url followed by /admin.