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Disable WordPress Admin Bar In WordPress 3.1+, Disable WP Admin Bar For Each WP User

After upgrading a couple sites to WordPress 3.1 and testing various things I finally got annoyed enough by the new Admin Bar. I definitely understand the purpose of such a bar but I rarely use WordPress for just blogging software so for me and I imagine for others the WordPress Admin Bar is just in the way. Luckily you can disable or enable this on a per user basis by editing each users profile. Below are example image and instructions for disabling the Admin Bar for a user.

Technology Insights

How to View Your Personal Skype Profile As Other Skype Users See It

Earlier I was playing around with my Skype profile and I realized there wasn’t a link that was obvious to view my own Skype profile. I wanted to make sure profile items that I was allowing only contacts to see were only seen by contacts.

Finally I thought of a way to view the profile without the link actually being provided. While you cannot add the contact your are signed in with to your contact list you can actually still search for that user and view the profile. First lets make any necessary modifications to your personal Skype profile.