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Delete Every Other Line In Notepad++ Because They Are Blank Lines

This afternoon I was working on calculating dial-up costs for a specific company who uses dial-up connections for thousands of devices at customer premises. One of the dial-up providers is Earthlink who doesn’t provide an easy method to export dial-up connection details to XLS or even to text so I had to copy/paste the dial-up specifics to a file and run calculations on that file. One of the problems with doing this when copying and pasting to a text file every other line was blank so I decided to try to use Notepad++ to get rid of every other line. Below are instructions on how to do this with Notepad++.

Technology Insights

Upload Files To DotNetNuke With The Rich Text Editor, Track File Clicks After Upload

I used DotNetNuke a long time ago and was suprised to recently learn that there is still a large amount of people using the software. There are even more folks that installed it a long time ago and lack the resources to upgrade to a more up to date software package so there is still plenty of work to be done doing maintenance on sites using the DotNetNuke software. While many things seem really outdated there are still some cool features so the software can be updated to bring people a bit more up to date.

Technology Insights

Redmine Project Management: Modify Issue Tracker

You can edit any part of a ticket within Redmine though sometimes it is not always straight forward. I was shuffling around the way tickets are classified in one of our projects and wanted to move tickets from one Tracker classification to another and was unable to do so by Updating or Editing the ticket. Then I realized by moving the issue you can not only move the issue between Projects but you can also move the ticket between Trackers.

Technology Insights

Remove the Website Field For Comment Posting on WordPress Using Mandingo Theme

In an attempt to promote as much community as possible I would suggest removing the Website field for when people post comments to your WordPress blog. In this scenario below the Mandingo Theme is being used however it is just as easy to remove the Website field from the default field as well. If people still want to post their web site when making a comment they can do so in the body of the comment.

If you are using the Mandingo Theme then you will need to modify two files but if using the default WordPress Theme you should only need to modify one file. The lines to remove should be the same or very similar no matter what Theme you are using.

In Mandingo follow the below directions to remove the Website field from the comments form when people are not logged in.