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error: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.4/config/Makefile (No such file or directory)

I received the error below when attempting to use easy_install to add the html5lib package on a server for a client. I assumed all of the necessary python packages were installed since easy_install was already available via python-setuptools-devel. After a quick investigation I noticed that the python-devel package was not installed. This can easily be installed on CentOS Linux using yum with the directions below.

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Install html5lib And markdown2 Python Packages On CentOS Linux

I needed to install some python related packages for a project I was testing out. The particular project required html5lib and markdown2 to be installed using the easy_install command. First make sure that you have the python-setuptools packages installed so you can use the easy_install command. If you do not have this package installed you can follow the directions here to get easy_install working. Once the easy_install command is working properly run the commands below to install html5lib and markdown2.

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Install easy_install Via yum on Linux CentOS Server

To install easy_install on Linux using yum you will need to install the python-setuptools and python-setuptools-devel packages. Installing these packages with yum is easy by following the directions below.

Both of these packages were installed using the Atomic repository. You can install Atomic by following step 1 in this article.