Technology Errors

WordPress database error Duplicate entry X for key yarpp_content for query UPDATE wp_posts SET, MySQL Error

Today I was adding a note to a WordPress article I had written a couple of days ago and it appeared to POST without issue after I clicked the Update button in the WordPress admin. I went to the front-end of the site to verify the new content formatted correctly and to my surprise it wasn’t displaying so I figured I must have left a HTML tag or something open since I didn’t get any errors within the WordPress admin when I clicked the Update button for the Post. After further review the content didn’t exist and it appeared that the article had not posted the update at all since there were zero revisions from today. Fixing the problem is easy by using the below information that describes where I located the error, the error itself, and how to resolve it by issuing a single MySQL command.

Technology Insights

Stop Duplicate Emails in Sent Items When Syncing Gmail via IMAP Using Outlook 2007

I wrote a previous post regarding saving messages sent via POP3 accounts into Gmail’s sent items yesterday and it can be read here. To expand on that there is another option to accomplish the same goal which is to set your outgoing mail server as and use your Gmail account settings to authenticate. This second option is probably better since it will standardize how you are sending mail at all times. and more than likely sending through Gmail is more secure than with a typical SMTP server depending on the SSL options offered with the SMTP server account.

One thing to watch out for if using this second option is duplicate messages in your IMAP Sent Items folder. This problem can be easily resolved by following the below steps.