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How to Make a Patch using Diff

I have had a lot of questions lately about making patches. On Backtrack we get a lot of user submissions and many times we need a patch rather than a modified source file. The reason being is that a patch can be documented and contains the specific changes made to the source file and can also be easily reverted. Patching is also crucial if you fix a bug in a program and would like to submit the fix to the author. In any case being able to create a patch is very  useful if you are working with Linux or any sort of programing stuff.

I decided to make a short post on how to make a patch and apply it:

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Compile John the Ripper on x86-64 Cent OS with the Jumbo Patch

I am getting ready for a password contest at Defcon that Alex and I and a few other guys from the Hashcat team are going to enter and I decided to install John the Ripper on a Cent OS box in case I needed it for anything. John is in the yum repos however the version is pretty old and it is not compiled with NTLM support so I decided to build it from source so that i could apply the Jumbo patch which adds support for a whole lot of different algorithms which are normally only available in the pro version of John the Ripper.

Below I show the steps I took to get it compiled and working on Cent OS 64 bit:

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Add Color to Dispatch-Conf

When updating Portage on a Gentoo system you generally have to update all the config files after wards. The default way to do this is to use etc-update. There is however a better way and that is to use dispatch-conf. One of the reasons I prefer it is that it makes a backup of the file you have replaced so that if something does break you can replace the original file. This is something that etc-update doesn’t do.

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Rollback a SVN File By Using Merge

Rolled out an SVN file a bit early? Thought you fixed a problem but accidentally made it worse? Rollback the file by using the following example. In the below example the current SVN revision is 102 and the file was accidentally upgraded to soon from version 101 to version 102. Verify Same File: svn diff -r 102:101…