Technology Errors

irecovery.exe System Error: The Program Can’t Start Because libusb0.dll Is Missing From Your Computer

The irecovery.exe application is used to communicate with iPhone or iPod Touch devices that are stuck in DFU mode or recovery mode. One thing that needs to be installed for the iRecovery application to work properly is LibUSB-Win32 which can be downloaded and installed for free. The error noted below will be resolved when LibUSB-Win32 has been installed properly.

Technology Insights

Unbrick a iPod Touch 2G (Second Generation) That Appears to Not Work Or Appears Bricked

I recently got into some trouble while playing around with my iPod Touch 2G in which I thought the device was bricked. It was not recognized when plugged into the USB port on a Windows XP computer and it appeared no matter what I did it was not able to power on. When restoring some firmware onto the iPod Touch 2G the device never came back from a reboot. Even worse yet was the fact that the power button was not fully operational so I was never sure if I was actually getting the correct button press to put the device into DFU mode. Below are some tips that could assist you to recover the device from this step.