Technology Insights

Find Out What Dependencies A Ruby Gem Has, Gem Dependency

Earlier this afternoon I was working on a development server that has a web server, a PostgreSQL database, Ruby, and rubygems installed on it. I was curious to find out if a specific gem I was about to install had any dependencies or other gems that would also be installed as dependents of the gem I wanted to test. Below I describe how to find out the dependencies of a specific gem by querying the remote server but also how to download a specific gem version to see what gems are dependents.

Technology Insights

Install ionCube Loader Using The Atomic Yum Repository On CentOS Linux

The other day I needed to install ionCube Loader for encrypted PHP code to run on a CentOS Linux server but was initially unable to find a repository that included the php-ioncube-loader RPM package. After a couple minutes I remembered that I had previously used the Atomic repo to install PHP Zend Optimizer and so I thought I would check that repository to see if an ioncube RPM package was available as well. Below I display the search for a repository that includes an ionCube Loader RPM package along with installing the package on a CentOS Linux server.

Technology Errors

curl: option –libcurl: is unknown, curl: try curl –help for more information

I have been working on setting up some automated tasks at work that use curl to connect to FTPS on a remote server. On one of the development servers I was testing from I attempted to issue a curl command using the “–libcurl” switch which returned an error. This command was recommended by a coworker as a start to set up the automated tasks to connect to FTPS on the remote server using curl. Below I describe the error in detail, the cause of the error, and how to resolve the error.