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Dell XPS 1340 Backlit Keyboard Not Working, Backlight On XPS 1340 Keyboard Not On

Awhile back I reinstalled Windows 7 on my Dell XPS 1340 because I wanted to make my computer faster and I definitely accomplished that goal. Couple nights ago I was working in a dark area and noticed that the backlight on the keyboard was not illuminated so I started to wonder if it had ever worked after the upgrade. Below is information on how to enable the backlight on a Dell XPS 1340 laptop.

Technology Errors

My Dell Downloads Using Chrome – Application Cannot Be Started, Contact The Application Vendor

After a had a conflict with Windows 7 Service Pack 1 that really slowed my PC down I decided to scrap my current Windows 7 install and reinstall. So far it is the best decision regarding this laptop that I have made in a long time. Not only are things  running much better but I was able to organize a lot better from the start. I needed to install some third party applications that came with my laptop including Roxio Creator Premier 10.3 which I use for burning ISO images and Dell makes these tasks very easy with the My Dell Downloads site. Initially I attempted to download these applications using my preferred browser which is Google Chrome however I received an error which I explain in detail below as well as how to use Chrome to download items from My Dell Downloads web site.

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Get Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Module Working With Backtrack, Dell Bluetooth 350 With Ubuntu

Getting this module working is not very much fun if you are on a single boot system with Backtrack or Ubuntu installed however it is much easier if you are on a dual boot system that happens to also boot into Windows XP. I personally ran into the issue of the Dell Wireless 350 Bluetooth Module working with Backtrack on a development laptop that luckily didn’t have much data on it because to resolve the problem you need to install Windows XP, run a executable within XP from Dell to upgrade the firmware on the Dell Bluetooth 350 Module, and then reinstall Backtrack. Below is more information about how to get the Dell 350 Bluetooth Module working in Ubuntu or Backtrack Linux.

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Dell Inspiron 1525 Base System Device Driver Windows XP

Earlier today I reinstalled Windows XP on a friends Dell Inspiron 1525 and while working through the custom Dell drivers I ran into a minor issue. The issue was related to some devices showing up in the Windows XP Device Manager called Base System Device. Typically these are chipset devices but I thought I had installed all of the necessary drivers so I was a bit confused. In reality I forgot to install one of the chipset drivers called Ricoh. Below is information on how to install the drivers for the unknown Base System devices on a Dell Inspiron 1525.