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Symbols Can Not Be Loaded Because Symbol Path Is Not Initialized

If you are new to WinDbg (The Windows Debugger) like I am then you might struggle with some of the initial configuration items. I would suggest you do your best to get through the initial configuration issues so you can troubleshoot your Crash Dump files to analyze the issues on your computer. So far I am really happy with Windows 7 Ultimate  64-Bit though I have had multiple BSOD’s (Blue Screens of Death) which are frustrating. I am now doing what I can to get down to the bottom of each of the crashes so I can do whatever it takes to minimize any crashes and continue using Windows 7. Follow the directions below to configure the path to Symbols needed by the Windows Debugger (WinDbg).

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RoR IDEs for Windows

Updated on 12/11/07 Here’s a breakdown of Ruby on Rails IDEs for Windows. Please feel free to add to this by adding a comment to this blog entry. I currently switch between RoRED (writing and navigating code) and Netbeans (GUI debugging) I broke it down in 2 types. Free vs. Commercial Free RoRED RoRED is…