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Install Prolific USB To Serial (DB-9/DB-25) Adapter Drivers On Windows 7 64-Bit

I have had the same USB to serial adapter working on Windows XP for quite awhile. After I recently purchased a new laptop running Windows 7 64-Bit I needed to reinstall my USB to Serial Converter. I had a couple issues the first being the fact that the Dell Studio XPS laptop has a slot load CD/DVD drive and the drivers were on a mini CD. So the first thing I tried was to zip up the drivers CD that initially came with the USB to Serial Converter and get the zip file over to the new laptop. After doing this and attempting to install the drivers I was still receiving an error. I imagine either the drivers were not working with Windows 7 or there were no 64-bit drivers. Below I explain the USB error that was displaying, provide access to the correct drivers, and provide steps to install the drivers.