Technology Errors

ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table ‘mysql.servers’ doesn’t exist

Earlier today while adding a new site to a server running as a web server with many virtual hosts I ran into an error flushing the privileges after I added a new MySQL database followed by a user with only access to that new MySQL database. After a bit of investigation I realized that when I recently updated the MySQL server on the CentOS Linux server in question it must have had some issues during the upgrade. Below I describe not only the error in more detail but also how to resolve the MySQL error when attempting to flush the privileges.

Technology Insights

Dump a PostgreSQL Database Without the Data

Dumping a PostgreSQL database without the data is easy. Issue the below command and it will output the database table structure to a text file that can easily be imported. bash pg_dump -U postgres –schema-only DBNAME -f FILENAME.sql The above can be imported into a new database using the below syntax. psql -U postgres DBNAME…