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Wave Security: There Are No Active Fingerprints Registered For This User

I recently reinstalled Windows XP Professional on a Dell D420 that has a biometric fingerprint scanner which is utilized by Wave Systems Embassy Security Suite with the Dell Trusted Platform Module(TPM). I thought I had it working properly after the reinstall but I kept running into errors so I attempted to follow the documentation to delete users, enroll fingerprints different ways, and other instructions that I could find on the Wave Systems web site. I seemed to always end up at the same place which was I could type in a password or swipe my fingerprint but when the attempt was made to automatically login to Windows XP a error would pop up stating that no fingerprints were active for this user. Once I clicked the OK button on the error I could swipe the exact same fingerprint and I would login to Windows without issue. Below are details regarding the error, other steps I attempted to resolve the issue, and the final steps that resolved my problem.

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Embassy Security Center Error: This Fingerprint Is Already Enrolled, Cannot Enroll This Fingerprint

My Dell d420 came with a biometric fingerprint scanner which is configured using the Wave Systems Embassy Security Center. If you have recently reinstalled the OS on your laptop more than likely the operating system configuration is out of sync with the TPM(Trusted Platform Module) Security Chip. This means that the biometric security will work preboot however it will not work for Windows logon. So you will not be able to swipe your fingerprint and automatically logon to Windows securely and you will also not be able to lock your computer and log back into Windows by swiping your fingerprint.

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Windows XP on Dell D420 Wireless Showing No Wireless Networks In Range

Recently I removed the Intel Pro Wireless Manager from my Dell D420 laptop. When it was removed I had the Radio set to off because I was plugged into my LAN via Ethernet. Once it was removed and I rebooted I was unable to see any wireless networks in the Wireless Network Connection configuration window. In the Wireless Network Connections Window you will see the below message.

Wireless Network Connections Not In Range

There are two different things that could be the issue if you run into this problem. Each of these problems is listed below along with resolutions to each one.

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Dell d420 Not Booting After System Board Replacement

After replacing the system board in a Dell d420 using these instructions the Dell laptop would not boot. When attempting to power on the laptop the scroll lock, num lock, and caps lock key would flash once followed by the bluetooth light flashing once and then it would lose power.

The reason for the above issue is typically one of two items which are listed below.