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Firefox Cache Location, View And Edit Firefox Cache Using Only Firefox

Earlier tonight I was making some modifications on a web site I helped build and needed to verify that some things were not being stored in the cache. At the time I was testing the site with Mozilla Firefox version 3.5.7 and needed a quick way to open cache history and verify one specific file was not cached. Below is a brief explanation of how to use Firefox to verify its own cache and steps on how to verify a file in cache and then delete that same file from the Firefox cache.

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Tabbed Windows Explorer In Windows 7 Using Cubic Explorer

Well the title of this article is a little misleading but I wanted to make sure that people understood what alternatives were available for Windows 7 Windows Explorer. I just got done writing another article about my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit and QTTabBar experiences which can be read here. To summarize I have been using QTTabBar on Windows XP for over a year and was very happy with the results but once I installed QTTabBar on Windows 7 I started having all sorts of issues. This sent me into a panic looking for alternatives because I used the Windows Explorer tabbed functionality all of the time. I am happy to say that I found an even better alternative for Windows Explorer tabs on Windows 7 by installing a Windows Explorer replacement called CubicExplorer. Continuing reading to discover the benefits of CubicExplorer as well as why using an alternative to Windows Explorer on Windows 7 really isn’t so bad.

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Uninstall QTTabBar In Windows 7, QTTabBar Causing Windows Explorer Issues

I have been using QTTabBar in Windows XP for over a year and have been really satisfied with the functionality it added to Windows Explorer. When I received my new laptop one of the first applications I installed was the QTTabBar and at first it seemed as though things were working without issue. After a short amount of time I realized that there were some issues the most obvious being the fact that every time a Windows Explorer Window was opened the QTTabBar tabs would be blank and most of the time the the QT Tab Standard Buttons toolbar would not be displaying when Windows Explorer was launched. Below I describe the issues I saw having QTTabBar installed with Windows 7 in detail.