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View iPhone Image Location Data With Photoshop CS5

Yesterday I read an article on location data that is included with all images taken on your iPhone. This type of location data, which is also known as Geo Data or GPS Data, is included behind the scenes on all sorts of media that you create on a day to day basis so while I knew this and was familiar with the type of data that is included I had never spent much time looking into this data. Since I typically use Adobe Photoshop to edit images I figured I would start there and see how I can view location data for images taken on my iPhone within Photoshop CS5 which is the current version I am using.

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Photoshop ICO Plugin, How To Open Windows Icon Files In Photoshop

Earlier this afternoon I needed to modify a .ICO, also known as Windows Icon, for some testing I was doing with X-Chat which is a GUI based IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client. Anyhow it slipped my mind that Photoshop does not even recognize ICO files by default. Adding Windows Icon (ICO) support to Photoshop is really easy though and I remembered from a previous experience the process to add a ICO plugin to Photoshop. Follow the directions below to open, edit, and save ICO files on Windows.

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Photoshop CS5: Replace The Entire Color In An Image With Photoshop

I have been working on a WordPress site for a client of mine and typically use the same theme called Mandigo which offers seven different color schemes. In this specific case my client wanted a color theme outside of the seven color schemes that are offered by default so I needed to modify each of the icons to reflect the requested color scheme by the client. Below are instructions on how to modify all of a specific color in an image to a new color using Adobe Photoshop CS5.