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Windows 7 Photoshop Crash: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Has Stopped Working

Earlier today I was about to write an article but was first going to prepare some images for that article when I attempted to launch Photoshop. During the launch of Adobe Photoshop CS4 on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit laptop the application crashed which I have seen before and simply restarting the application resolved the issue. This time when I attempted to restart Photoshop the exact same thing would happen each time. Below I describe the specific error message that displayed during the Photoshop crash and what I did to resolve the problem.

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Copy and Paste Screen Captures Into Photoshop Not Working, Adobe Photoshop CS4 Clipboard Problem

Recently I was trying to paste a screenshot created using print screen into Adobe Photoshop CS4 on Windows XP but nothing would happen. I use print screen to create screenshots on a regular basis and then paste the results into Photoshop so I can describe how to resolve basic issues on a computer to people. I have never had a problem until this time so I figured it must be a configuration setting or something similar causing the issue.

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Improved Method to Batch Resize Images in Adobe Photoshop CS4

I recently wrote an article on how to batch resize images in Adobe Photoshop CS4. If you have been reading any of my recent articles on the site you will know by know that I had a laptop hard drive crash and I lost some settings. One of the settings was the Photoshop Action I had created to batch resize images. Anyhow while configuring the Action I decided to play around more with Photoshop to see if there was another way to resize images and sure enough I found a better way if you don’t mind saving the images as JPEG’s instead of GIF’s.

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Backup or Restore Adobe Photoshop CS4 Actions

If you use Photoshop on a regular basis you probably have made customizations to the way that Photoshop functions. A common thing to modify or add to the default Photoshop configuration would be actions. Actions allow you to record multi step processes so they can be repeated easier in the future. One of the more common Actions that might be created would be the batch modification of a set of images as described in a QD article located here.

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How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts For Adobe Photoshop CS4

Typically there will be certain things you use Adobe Photoshop for on a regular basis and you can make your life much easier by assigning keyboard shortcuts to the tasks you perform the most. Follow the directions below to assign a keyboard shortcut to Adobe Photoshop CS4.

In the example below we will assign Ctrl-Alt-b to be a shortcut to add a “Lens Blur” filter to a highlighted portion of an image.