Information Security

Backtrack 4: Information Gathering: Search Engine: Goorecon – Find emails and subdomains using Google

During the Information Gathering section of a pentest, we are interested in finding out the various sub-domains of our target domain. In the past few tutorials we queried DNS servers using zone transfer requests or trying to retrieve entries using a dictionary & brute-forcing attacks. Another technique to figure out sub-domains is to query google and check if it has found any sub-domains during it’s web mining exercise on the target. Goorecon can do this. Goorecon was written by Carlos (Darkoperator) Perez.

Technology Insights

Move Skype History From Windows XP To Windows 7

If you got a new computer like me then you probably want to move your Skype history from your old computer to the new one. In my case I needed to move my Skype history from a Windows XP computer to a Windows 7 computer. This is fairly easy but you want to make sure to do this as quickly as possible so you don’t loose any new conversations on the new computer when you copy the actual data over to the new computer. Follow the directions below and you will have all of your Skype history on the new computer in no time. The below has the same concept on any Operating System but the guidelines are very similar for all Windows computers and Windows Vista has the same path as Windows 7.