Technology Errors

Firefox Won’t Open On Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit, Firefox Won’t Launch In Safe Mode

I use multiple browsers on a daily basis either because some sites work better in some browsers versus others or to test web applications, etc. Typically I prefer Chrome over any other browser but sometimes I use Firefox because of some of the plugins available. Sometime in the past the Firefox installation on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit laptop became corrupted so when I attempted to launch Firefox it would flash for a moment in the taskbar and then close immediately. The Firefox window would never display on the screen or even attempt to display on the screen however you could see the process for a moment in the Windows Task Manager as shown in the below image.

Technology Errors

Windows 7 Photoshop Crash: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Has Stopped Working

Earlier today I was about to write an article but was first going to prepare some images for that article when I attempted to launch Photoshop. During the launch of Adobe Photoshop CS4 on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit laptop the application crashed which I have seen before and simply restarting the application resolved the issue. This time when I attempted to restart Photoshop the exact same thing would happen each time. Below I describe the specific error message that displayed during the Photoshop crash and what I did to resolve the problem.

Technology Errors

Uninstall QTTabBar In Windows 7, QTTabBar Causing Windows Explorer Issues

I have been using QTTabBar in Windows XP for over a year and have been really satisfied with the functionality it added to Windows Explorer. When I received my new laptop one of the first applications I installed was the QTTabBar and at first it seemed as though things were working without issue. After a short amount of time I realized that there were some issues the most obvious being the fact that every time a Windows Explorer Window was opened the QTTabBar tabs would be blank and most of the time the the QT Tab Standard Buttons toolbar would not be displaying when Windows Explorer was launched. Below I describe the issues I saw having QTTabBar installed with Windows 7 in detail.

Technology Insights

Can I delete MEMORY.DMP and How To Minimize MEMORY.DMP Size

The MEMORY.DMP file is a debug file┬áthat is generated by a system crash of some sort on Windows XP. The size of this file by default can be over 2GB and is typically never used by the average user. If you continue to have system crashes and want to really look into the issue than the MEMORY.DMP file could be very useful. By default this file is located in the “C:\WINDOWS” directory but the location of the dump can be modified along with what is actually output in the system dump.

So can the MEMORY.DMP file be deleted? The short answer is yes it can be deleted however every time there is a system crash the file will be recreated unless you follow the steps below. If you do continue to have system crashes though the file could definitely come in handy when troubleshooting the issue.