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The Mac Cannot Connect To The Windows-Based Computer, OSX RDP With CoRD

I have noticed every now and then when using Remote Desktop Connection for Mac that I am unable to connect to Windows based computers. Initially I thought the issue was related to specific versions of Windows 7 and then when that turned out not to be the case I thought it had to do with the Remote Connection Settings on the Windows computer specifically the “More Secure” and “Less Secure” setting when configuring RDP on Windows. It turns out neither of those were the actual problem and it really is just the fact that the computer is connected to a Domain or Domain Controller.I was able to make connections using actual Domain accounts however not the local computer accounts which not only included users in the Remote Desktop Users group but also Administrators that by default should be able to make Remote Desktop Connections. Below I describe some of the basic items that should be confirmed to not be the case however I still suggest that you uninstall Remote Desktop Connection for Mac and install CoRD: Simple RDP Remote Desktop.