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Dell Linux OpenManage Command To Watch RAID Group Rebuild

The Dell OpenManage Linux packages have come a long way and are very useful to have installed on any Dell servers you have installed. In fact OpenManage could be considered critical to monitoring Dell hardware for many reasons but consider a single disk in a RAID 1 mirrored group failing and you don’t have physical access to the box. Unless you are constantly monitoring other logs it would make things much easier to receive an alert from monitoring software such as something like Nagios. This way you can feel comfortable at all times that your Dell hardware is in top shape.

Technology Insights

Reset Xbox 360 Display Settings From The Xbox 360 Controller

We have been refurbishing a bunch of Xbox 360’s lately in our computer shop and today I was going to test one out for an extended amount of time so I needed to find a monitor or something to display the output of the Xbox 360. I tried getting it working on a Dell 1950FP monitor which has a DVI input but it wasn’t working properly so I figured I would try to reset the display settings on the Xbox 360 to see if that would make a difference. Use the instructions below to reset the display settings on your Xbox 360 from the Xbox 360 controller.

Technology Errors

Upgrade Redmine Rake Migrate Error: uninitialized constant ActionController::AbstractRequest

I ran into an issue earlier where adding a sub project to an already existing Redmine project produced an error and after a little bit of troubleshooting determined that upgrading Redmine would resolve the issue. During the upgrade process I ran into some other issues including a specific migration error using rake that is noted below. The upgrade process involved upgrading Redmine 0.8.3 to Redmine 0.9.3.

Technology Insights

Nintendo Wii: Find Out What System Menu Version Is Installed, Wii System Menu Version

I have been playing around with some different configurations on my Nintendo Wii lately and needed to find out the specific firmware version and/or system menu version on the Wii. It is really easy to find this out but I wanted to note it so next time I needed to find out the Wii system menu version I wouldn’t have to hunt around. Follow the directions below to locate the system menu version on the Wii.

Technology Insights

Basics of Layouts and Nested Layouts in Rails

Layout basics Here’s Duane Johnson’s concise explanation of how layouts generally work in Rails. To summarize this blog article, layouts occur at 2 levels (applciation-wide or controller-wide) by default: The entire Rails application (all views of all controllers) will use this layout: views/layouts/application.rhtml All views within a single controller will use this layout. For example,…