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How To Manually Remove McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

A friend asked me to look at their computer today because they were receiving some warning messages regarding anti-virus software. Upon inspection I noticed that he had Microsoft Security Essentials, which is what I recommended, installed as well as the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator. This was a Windows XP machine so I initially went to the Add/Remove Programs control panel to remove the ePolicy Orchestrator but there were no McAfee applications displaying so I had to figure out how to manually remove the application. Follow the instructions below to manually remove the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator from your computer.

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Install dig On Windows 7, Get dig Working On Windows 7 64-Bit OS

I have been wanting to get the use of dig on Windows 7 for awhile but hadn’t taken the time to do so until now. The problem is nslookup is not as helpful in terms of TTL of zone files, etc. and while you can accomplish your tasks with nslookup using dig makes life much easier on Windows 7 when troubleshooting DNS type issues. The other night I was in the middle of a time critical launch of a new web cluster and needed dig on the Windows 7 laptop I was working on so I decided to get it working while I was waiting for some data to transfer. I actually had slipped on setting the TTL, which was for a single sub domain that was part of the transfer, from a TTL of a entire day (86400 seconds) to a TTL of one hour (3600 seconds). Anyhow below is more information on installing dig on a Windows 7 computer.

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Install TShark On Windows 7 64-Bit, Add TShark To Windows 7 Path

Typically when I need to use tshark I do so on a Linux server however there are times where it is convenient to have tshark available on my Windows 7 laptop. The TShark application is installed with Wireshark so installing TShark is very easy using the Wireshark GUI intsaller on Windows. One thing that makes tshark more useful is adding the tshark.exe executable to your PATH on Windows so you can open a command prompt and use TShark from any directory. Follow the directions below to first install Wireshark and then to add the directory that includes tshark.exe to your Windows 7 PATH.

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What Is QualXServ Service Agreement, Can QualXServ Service Agreement Be Uninstalled?

I believe the QualXServ Service Agreement which comes installed on Dell netbooks, laptops, and desktops is really just a PDF file. The PDF file is the service agreement for in-home or on-site repair which typically comes with the purchase of a new Dell computer. When you remove the application from your installed Programs the PDF is removed from your system. I recommend simply copying the QualXServ.pdf file from its default location to another location before removing the application from your computer just in case you happen to need it. Follow the directions below to save the file to a familiar location and then remove the application from your PC.