Technology Errors

vBulletin: You Specified a Tag That Was Too Long. A Tag Can Only be 25 Characters

As many people know I am one of the administrators of the Backtrack-Linux forums. We generally do not have to many issues but today I had someone complaining that when posting code they were not able to use more than 25 characters. This is a issue since we encourage our users to use the tags for there posts since it makes adding code much neater and easier to read & copy/paste. Below I will describe how to fix the error.

Technology Insights

Safari Shortcuts For The Safari Web Browser On Windows Operating System

There are many references to Safari shortcuts for OSX on Apple computers but not as many for Safari shortcuts on Windows computers so I figured it may help some people to have a reference for Safari shortcuts on computers running Windows. The below shortcuts have been specifically tested on Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and Windows XP Professional 32-bit  but I assume the below Safari web browser shortcuts will work on any version of Windows including all variations of Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7. Many of the Safari shortcuts for Apple are identical to the Safari shortcuts for Windows below. There are however many Safari shortcuts that are different because of keys being named differently on Apple keyboards versus Windows keyboards.