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merge-router-config – Backtrack 5 – Vulnerability Assessment – Network Assessment – Cisco Tools – merge-router-config

The merge-router-config menu item in Backtrack Linux, which is located in the Backtrack Menu ( Backtrack > Vulnerability Assessment > Network Assessment > Cisco Tools ), allows you to make changes to a Cisco router configuration file and merge those changes to a Cisco router. You should be extremely careful with this script as it will make changes to the target Cisco router. Below we describe the tool in more detail and show examples of merging a router configuration file to a Cisco 861 router.

Technology Insights

Rename USB Drive Used With Xbox 360

Recently I started using a USB flash drive to store my Xbox 360 gamer profile on and realized it would be nice to name it properly so if I have decide to have more than one USB flash drive in use with my Xbox 360 they won’t both be named the default of Memory Unit. Follow the directions below to rename a USB drive that is being used with your Xbox 360.

Technology Insights

Install Clear On Windows Using Cygwin, Use Clear To Reset Console Output

When I SSH to Linux servers I use the clear command a lot. This allows me to quickly reset the shell interface so there is no output so depending on if I have typed the incorrect command numerous times or the screen is filled without from something like the locate command I find it really useful to reset the interface so the screen is blank again without having to hit enter 50 times. On all of my Windows machines I have Cygwin installed to provide as much of a Linux feel as possible however I never have taken the time to figure out what installs the clear command so I could have the same luxury of clearing the windows Command Prompt or the Console2 application I use on a regular basis. Below I describe how to install clear on Windows using the Cygwin application.

Technology Insights

Install F5 BIG-IP LTM VE Trial In VMware

The F5 BIG-IP hardware line is fairly amazing so needless to say I was really excited to find out that there was a VMware image and VirtualBox image available to trial. This allows people not only to check out the BIG-IP software, which is built on top of CentOS Linux, but also the ability to easily test configurations. Below I describe the process all the way from downloading the actual VMware image and launching the image in VMware Player to logging into the BIG-IP LTM VE instance and enabling the trial license.