Technology Errors

git: Error: Some Local Refs Could Not Be Updated; Try Running ‘git remote prune origin’ To Remove Any Old, Conflicting Branches

Lately I have been working on a Ruby project that has a bunch of different branches that various developers are working on. One of the development servers has multiple virtual hosts and at certain points in the code release cycle the various virtual hosts could be completely split from the main branch of Ruby code either because of a bug fix, a specific feature, or any number of other reasons. The other night I needed to bring one of the virtual hosts to a near production release to test some features of a product that uses the web application to record data and when I attempted to “git pull” I received an error which is described in detail below along with what I ended up doing to resolve the problem.

Technology Errors

file /usr/share/emacs/site-lisp/psvn.el from install of subversion-1.5.5-0.1.el5.rf conflicts with file

When upgrading Subversion on CentOS you may run into a conflict issue under certain circumstances. I noticed this issue when installing git via yum which required an upgrade of subversion. The installation of git failed because of a “Transaction Check Error” that was caused by the upgrade of subversion. The special circumstances included a 64-Bit install of CentOS and the rpmforge yum repo being installed.

To resolve this issue simply remove the 32-Bit version of subversion and then proceed. The process of getting this error and actually completing a successful upgrade of subversion is detailed below.