Technology Errors

CentOS Linux: ATI Stream Compile Error: GL/glu.h: No such file or directory

Today I was doing some testing with OpenCL and needed to install ATI Stream for one of the tests I was performing but I ran into an error during the compile process. The error related to glu.h which was not found during the compile process using make. Below I describe the error in more detail as well as what was done to resolve the error and make the glu.h file available on the server.

Technology Insights

How to Recompile Your Ubuntu 10.10 Kernel for Patching or to add Support for a Specific Device

I decided to make a post on recompiling your Ubuntu kernel after after taking a look at the instructions on the Ubuntu wiki. Although the instructions were correct it was a big jumbled mess and almost impossible to figure out what was what from the instructions. This post will cover recompiling the kernel that comes with Ubuntu. The reasons for doing this are to keep the current Ubuntu patches and configs and simply add some stuff of your own. This would be useful for adding a patch of some sort or adding support in the kernel .config for a piece of hardware or software which may not be enabled by default.