Technology Errors

Windows 7: Telnet Is Not Recognized As An Internal Or External Command

I needed to test a Exim mail server from my Windows 7 laptop a little while ago and was surprised when I typed telnet I received an error. The error indicated that the telnet client was not installed on my laptop which seemed odd since I have Windows 7 Ultimate. I assume that telnet in general is being phased out of most operating systems in general however it is a great tool for troubleshooting. After a little digging around in the Windows Programs Control Panel I was able to easily install telnet. Follow the directions below to install telnet on your Windows 7 computer.

Technology Insights

Windows XP: Clear Windows Update Cache, Purge Windows Updates Cache

A customer laptops in my friends computer shop had some major issues today. One of the major issues on this Windows XP laptop was the fact that Service Pack 3 would not install so after fixing various other things I figured it would be best to clear the Windows Updates cache and then attempt to install the patches including SP3 again. Below is information on stopping the Windows Updates service,  purging the Windows Updates cache, and then restarting the Windows Updates service.

Technology Insights

Windows 7: Schedule A chkdsk On Reboot

My Dell laptop has been claiming there is a hard drive issue for some time however when I reboot and let Windows 7 scan the drive it either doesn’t scan the drive or it scans the drive and still claims there is an issue. I believe the drive doesn’t have any major issues and that it has something else to do with the fact that it is a solid state drive. To get past the problem of Windows always claiming that it needs to scan the drive on reboot I scheduled a scan for the next reboot. Below is information on how to schedule a chkdsk scan on next reboot.