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Restart Paste Master without restarting Mac OS X

I use Paste Master as an advanced clipboard manager. It allows me to keep up to 90 items in my clipboard and also allows me to paste them unformatted so I don’t have to copy them to an ASCII text editor first. It would not come up one day and wanted to restart it without the OS (operating system). Under System Preferences, uncheck and check “Enable Paste Master” and that will restart it. Since it is a checkbox, it might appear to only take effect when the OS restart, but it takes immediate effect.

Technology Insights

Copy Multiple Items To The Windows 7 Clipboard Using WinKlipper

With Microsoft Office you can turn on the ability to copy multiple items to the MS Office clipboard so you would sort of assume that the same functionality would be built into Windows however this is not the case. I rarely need to copy multiple items and have access to them immediately and when I do I typically just copy them into Notepad++ or Evernote and then access them in either place whenever I need them. I wanted to try having the ability to use the Windows clipboard to have immediate access to multiple items and that is how I ran across WinKlipper which is an free open source application that allows you to do just that. Below I explain how to get WinKlipper, how to install WinKlipper on Windows 7, and the basics of the WinKlipper configuration.

Technology Insights

View Entire Google Toolbar Local Search History

I was having trouble view Google Toolbar local search history past the most recent 15 entries. I have auto complete turned on so if I started typing a couple letters it would show older entries so I knew they existed. I figured the easiest way to get the entire list was to just go to the source file and view the entries there.

Google Toolbar Search History Location on Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Google\Local Search History\google%2Eweb.w

Each user will have their own Google Toolbar local search history so just replace “user” in the directory path above to view each users local search history.