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Require HTTPS For ClientExec Installed In Sub Directory

If you have ClientExec installed in a sub-directory say /clientexec and want to require HTTPS only for ClientExec the easiest way to accomplish this is by putting a .htaccess file inside of the sub directory itself. There are numerous solutions to this posted as CE Knowledge Base Articles and within the CE forums but many of them did not work for me so I wanted to post the solution that worked on setup using CentOS as the operating system and using Apache/PHP/MySQL on that platform.

Technology Insights

Add Google Analytics To ClientExec

I am a big fan of ClientExec as it is easy to install and very easy to use. Over the years it has always been easy to upgrade and the support is prompt. If you want to add Google Analytics to your ClientExec installation you simply need to add it in two locations if you are using the default template and if you are using a custom ClientExec template then you need to add it in one more location.

Technology Errors

Description: mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given

When attempting to process an order using ClientExec you may get error messages like the following: An error has occurred with the given operation Type: Warning (2) Description: mysql_real_escape_string() expects parameter 1 to be string, object given Request: POST /signup.php Script: <clientexec-root>/newedge/classes/NE_Mysql.php Line Number: 198 Stack: var/www/web2/web/client/newedge/classes/NE_Mysql.php(138) : regexp code (1) : ne_mysql::escape_string <clientexec-root>/newedge/classes/NE_Mysql.php (138)…

Technology Errors

ClientExec: Type: User Error (256): billingtype

I recently upgraded a customer management software called ClientExec from a very old version (2.4.9__2.5beta4) to the latest stable version (ClientExec 3.1.4).  It had been a long time since the administration type settings had been updated but it was time to clean things up. One area lets you manage billing types which I was about to attempt. You can either delete or edit current entries or add a new entry. First I attempted to add a new entry and was greeted with the error below.

An error has occurred with the given operation

Type: User Error (256)
Description: QUERY: INSERT INTO billingtype (id, name, description, detail) VALUES(‘2147483648′,’Test’,’Test’,’Test’) – ERROR: Duplicate entry ‘2147483647’ for key 1
Request: POST /client/index.php?fuse=billing&action=AddBillingType
Script: client/newedge/classes/NE_Mysql.php
Line Number: 154
client/modules/billing/models/BillingType.php (50) : ne_mysql::query
client/modules/billing/actions/AddBillingType.php (16) : billingtype::update
client/newedge/classes/NE_Controller.php (200) : addbillingtype::dispatch
client/newedge/front.php (74) : ne_controller::processaction
client/index.php (4) : unknown

Technology Errors

ClientExec Plugin Leaving Screen Completely White

It has been awhile since I have used ClientExec and the plugin. ClientExec has really come a long way and everything went really smooth until I tried to start testing processing credit card orders. I filled in a new customer and attempted to save a credit card for the new user and the screen would go completely white on submit and not do anything. I wasn’t able to get much from the Apache logs or MySQL logs but finally remembered a couple packages that have to be installed for the Authorize.Net plugin to work.

All of the following can be installed with yum:

yum install libmcrypt php-mcrypt curl