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How to Run Google Chrome as Root on Backtrack Linux

I ran into an annoying problem today. I normally use Firefox for all my pentesting needs and I use google chrome as my default browser for everything else. I was setting up a new Backtrack image for myself and I installed the .deb archive for google chrome which is available on the google web site. When I went to start it up I received the following error message.


Below I will outline the simple steps to overcome this error:

Information Security

Spoof HTTP Referer URL Using Google Chrome Spoofy Extension Or Using curl

When testing websites it may be beneficial to spoof the referer URL. I have used these methods in the past to locate bugs in code or files that have been infected with forms of search engine click jacking. The two easiest methods that I have found are using the Google Chrome extension called Spoofy or just using curl from the Linux CLI. Typically using curl is the easiest but if you are not familiar with curl then Spoofy also provides similar results. Below I describe both methods in detail.

Technology Insights

F5 Refresh On OSX, Key Combination To Refresh A Web Page On Mac OSX

One thing I do on a regular basis when using web browsers on Windows is to click the F5 button to refresh a web page. On a Mac running OSX this does not function by default however it is easy to add a key combination to simulate this so it functions as it would in Windows. Use the information below to set up a key combination configuration to allow you to click fn-F5 on your Mac running OSX to refresh web pages in Chrome. The function+F5 key combination already works in Firefox and Command+R refreshes web pages in Safari.

Technology Insights

Test Multiple Browsers In OSX And Windows: Chrome, Firefox, IE, & Safari

I have looked in the past but never found a good tool for testing multiple browsers in both OSX and Windows however today I came across an Adobe product called BrowserLab that works great. The Adobe BrowserLab service is an online one that doesn’t cost any money and when I initially used it I only had to verify my email address and then I was off to the races testing websites in multiple browsers. Below I describe the accuracy of BrowserLab, the browsers you can test, and how easy it is to use.

Technology Insights

Take Screenshot Of Entire Web Page In Google Chrome

Recently I had an issue where I needed to take a screenshot of an entire web page and since my monitor is fairly small on my laptop this is typically a pain. Luckily I discovered a Google Chrome Extension that makes accomplishing the task of taking a screenshot of an entire web page very easy. Below I describe installing and using the extension, which is called Screen Capture and was created by Google.