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Stop the Auto Play Pop Up When You Plug In Your iPhone or iPod Touch to a Windows XP Computer

Every single time I plug in my iPhone to┬ámy Windows XP computer I get a pop up window asking how I want to handle the images from the iPhone. The most annoying part of this is there is no way from that pop up to tell the computer that you don’t want to be asked every single time. The good news is that it is really easy to tell your computer you do not want to be asked every single time. Follow the instructions below to turn off the pop up every time you plug in your iPhone to your Windows XP computer.

Technology Insights

How to Take Screenshots on the iPhone and Email The Image

Taking screenshots on the iPhone is simple but can be a very useful tool. I use this tool all of the time to describe how things work or describe cool iPhone features to people. The screen captures on the iPhone are saved as 320×480 pixel JPG’s which aren’t super high resolution but it will open in perfect clarity the same size as your iPhone screen.

To Take a Screen Capture on the iPhone and Email the Image Follow These Steps: