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Nipper Studio Error: The Program Can’t Start Because MSVCP100.dll Is Missing From Your Computer

After a recent Nipper upgrade I received an error when attempting to launch the application. The upgrade was from Nipper 2.1.6 to Nipper 2.1.9 on a Windows 7 Professional 64 bit computer. Below I describe the error in more detail as well as what was done to resolve the error. Nipper Studio is released by Tatania and is used to do network device configuration review including device support for network products from 3com, Alteon Networks, Baracuda Networks, Bay Networks, Blue Coat, Brocade, Check Point, Cisco, Crossbeam, CyberGuard, Dell, Extreme Networks, Fortinet, Foundry Networks, GTA, H3C, HP, IBM, Juniper, McAfee, Microsoft, Netgear, Nokia, Secure Computing, SonicWall, and others.

Technology Insights

PostgreSQL: Run A SELECT Statement From A Linux Shell Using PSQL

Earlier today I was troubleshooting some resource issues on a PostgreSQL server and needed to test some various SELECT statements to see if any of them were causing problems. I also wanted to verify the amount of resources a SELECT statement made using PGAdmin versus the amount of resources the same SELECT statement used running it directly on the Postgres server itself. Below is information on how to run a SELECT statement from a Linux shell. In this example the server is running CentOS Linux and PostgreSQL 8.4.4.

Technology Insights

How to Make a Patch using Diff

I have had a lot of questions lately about making patches. On Backtrack we get a lot of user submissions and many times we need a patch rather than a modified source file. The reason being is that a patch can be documented and contains the specific changes made to the source file and can also be easily reverted. Patching is also crucial if you fix a bug in a program and would like to submit the fix to the author. In any case being able to create a patch is very  useful if you are working with Linux or any sort of programing stuff.

I decided to make a short post on how to make a patch and apply it:

Technology Insights

Tor Tunnel

You may have heard of the Tor network which if affectionately known as the onion router. Tor is a anonymity software which is free and open source. The trouble with Tor is that it can be dreadfully slow for every day use. Moxie Marlinspike has come up with a solution called Tor tunnel. Tor tunnel basically uses just the Tor exit node rather than all the hops in between. Of course this is not as good a solution for anonymity however in situations where you only need to be mildly anonymous it can be effective.