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Stop Receipts From Printing When CA/AT/NS Button Pressed On XE-A203 Cash Register

We have a Sharp XE-A203 cash register in the shop and haven’t really ever spent the time to configure it all the way. We were pretty amazed when we downloaded the XE-A203 manual and skimmed over it to see what the capabilities of the XE-A203 device were. You can program the XE-A203 cash register to do all sorts of stuff including employee data, department data, etc. There is even a power save mode on this cash register. We rarely deal in cash so we are always clicking a single button to open the register and put receipts or checks underneath the inside cash drawer. The problem with that though is every single time the drawer was opened a receipt was printed thus wasting paper. Below is information about how to configure the XE-A203 cash register to not print a receipt every time the CA/AT/NS button is pressed.

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Disable Accelerators IE8, Turn Off Accelerators Internet Explorer 8

Did you recently upgrade your Internet Explorer to version 8 and maybe got a little overwhelmed with all the new features? Some of the new features of Microsoft IE8 are great however in my opinion there is to much bloat. It appears that Microsoft has gone a little overboard trying to integrate in all of their MSN Live properties into your desktop. One of the annoying features is the little blue boxes called Internet Explorer Accelerators that pop up every time you highlight something on a web page. Even after uninstalling all of the IE Accelerators a faded out little blue box pops open just to let you know that Accelerators are still available. Below I describe how to completely disable Internet Explorer 8 Accelerators.

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Post an Image From NextGen Gallery Into a WordPress Post

Posting a single picture from a NextGen Gallery into a WordPress post is easy to do though I always seem to forget the actual syntax to do so. There are two ways in which you can display the image within a post which are to use the NextGen Gallery button from the kitchen sink interface within WordPress or you can simply use the syntax listed below.

WordPress NextGen Gallery Button:

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ZenCart Search Button Image Not Displaying

I installed ZenCart recently for a project I am working on and was playing around with the default design including switching some of the buttons around. I noticed that the search sidebox search button was not displaying. After a little bit of digging around I noticed an error in the code. The file that needs to be modified is the <zencart-root>/includes/templates/template_default/sideboxes/tpl_search.php template as noted below.

[quickcode:Old tpl_search.php]
* Side Box Template
* @package templateSystem
* @copyright Copyright 2003-2006 Zen Cart Development Team
* @copyright Portions Copyright 2003 osCommerce
* @license GNU Public License V2.0
* @version $Id: tpl_search.php 4142 2006-08-15 04:32:54Z drbyte $
  $content = “”;
  $content .= ‘<div id=”‘ . str_replace(‘_’, ‘-‘, $box_id . ‘Content’) . ‘” class=”sideBoxContent centeredContent”>’;
  $content .= zen_draw_form(‘quick_find’, zen_href_link(FILENAME_ADVANCED_SEARCH_RESULT, ”, ‘NONSSL’, false), ‘get’);
  $content .= zen_draw_hidden_field(‘main_page’,FILENAME_ADVANCED_SEARCH_RESULT);
  $content .= zen_draw_hidden_field(‘search_in_description’, ‘1’) . zen_hide_session_id();

  if (strtolower(IMAGE_USE_CSS_BUTTONS) == ‘yes’) {
    $content .= zen_draw_input_field(‘keyword’, ”, ‘size=”18″ maxlength=”100″ style=”width: ‘ . ($column_width-30) . ‘px”‘) . ‘<br />’ . zen_image_submit (BUTTON_IMAGE_SEARCH,HEADER_SEARCH_BUTTON);
    $content .= ‘<br /><a href=”‘ . zen_href_link(FILENAME_ADVANCED_SEARCH) . ‘”>’ . BOX_SEARCH_ADVANCED_SEARCH . ‘</a>’;
  } else {
    $content .= zen_draw_input_field(‘keyword’, ”, ‘size=”18″ maxlength=”100″ style=”width: ‘ . ($column_width-30) . ‘px” value=”‘ . HEADER_SEARCH_DEFAULT_TEXT . ‘” onfocus=”if (this.value == \” . HEADER_SEARCH_DEFAULT_TEXT . ‘\’) this.value = \’\’;” onblur=”if (this.value == \’\’) this.value = \” . HEADER_SEARCH_DEFAULT_TEXT . ‘\’;”‘) . ‘<br /><input type=”submit” value=”‘ . HEADER_SEARCH_BUTTON . ‘” style=”width: 50px” />’;
    $content .= ‘<br /><a href=”‘ . zen_href_link(FILENAME_ADVANCED_SEARCH) . ‘”>’ . BOX_SEARCH_ADVANCED_SEARCH . ‘</a>’;

  $content .= “</form>”;
  $content .= ‘</div>’;


It should actually look like the below.