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Strip WPA Capture File Down To EAPOL Packets Based On BSSID Instead Of ESSID

In the past we have written a couple articles on using tshark to strip WPA capture files down to a specific ESSID or SSID but in some cases it can be more useful to strip the capture down by BSSID or MAC address of the WAP. Isolating packets by BSSID or WAP MAC address is useful in a scenario where a wireless deployment has numerous WAP’s and you have captured a specific SSID’s traffic from more than one WAP. Below is information on how to strip down a capture file based on BSSID and information on capture size before stripping the file down.

Technology Insights

Scramble the BSSID in a Wireless Capture to Keep Your Self Anonymous

I have had lots of people email me and ask if there is anyway to make it impossible for a attacker to recover your mac address from a capture file. If you are using one of our tools like the WPA Cracker in our tools section, you may be hesitant to upload a clients capture data because a skilled attacker could use the capture and the online Wiggle database to pinpoint your location assuming your area has been mapped by wardrivers. Although we run a secure site there is no way for you as the client to know this.