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A tool that is more than likely not used very often in Backtrack is the ipcalc which is a command line to that will quickly provide you broadcast address, network address, netmask, and Cisco wildcard mask. If you do a lot of Backtrack Linux installations that each require different IP information for various networks this tool can be really useful to verify settings made in the networks file in Ubuntu/Backtrack. I used to find myself breaking out a iPhone IP calculator on a regular basis and while I still do use that application I prefer ipcalc from the command line if its readily available. Below are details regarding ipcalc and the various switches available to it.

Technology Insights

YouTube Video Playback Error: This Is A Private Video

I configured a WordPress plugin on my personal blog site to allow me to embed YouTube videos of my kids to share with the family. The plugin is called Youtube With Fancy Zoom and provides a great way to setup a gallery of YouTube thumbnails that when clicked on will open a YouTube movie in a overlay window. Anyway during configuring the plugin, videos, etc. I was logged in to YouTube and assumed everything was working properly. I emailed the new page to my wife to check out and she let me know that she was not able to view the videos because they were all labeled private. The message stating the YouTube videos were private along with how to share the videos with everyone are both detailed below.