Information Security

Block ICQ Authorization Requests When Using Trillian

I don’t know why I have never configured Trillian to block ICQ authorization requests before considering I get a couple every single day however I decided today was the day. ICQ authorization requests pop up when someone has requested to add you to their contact list which for me never happens unless I send someone my ICQ number via email or another form of media. Anyhow below are instructions on how to block those authorization requests from popping up all the time.

Technology Insights

SkypeIn Call Blocking: Block Incoming Calls From Specific Numbers In Skype

It is really easy to block unwanted calls to your SkypeIn number using your Skype client. There are numerous ways to block calls into Skype such as blocking one specific number, blocking all hidden numbers, or even not allowing any calls except for people in your contact list. I use my Skype number for business so the last method is not an option for me since I receive calls from numbers I don’t recognize all the time so I personally use a combination of the first two methods. By default I block all hidden numbers and then when I receive more than one call from an unwanted number I block that specific number. Below I describe how to perform all three methods so you can choose how you want to block calls into your SkypeIn number or if you don’t want to block any calls.