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Hashcat best64 Rule Details: Updated After The Best64 Challenge

Recently our friends working on the Hashcat projects had a open community challenge called The Best64 Challenge or TB64C. The reason being the fact that TB64C was to improve the most widely used ruleset that comes with all of the Hashcat products including oclHashcat-plus, oclHashcat-lite, hashcat, and hascat-gui. There is nothing better than when projects such as Hashcat get the community involved and what better way to do so than to provide a contest for people to provide feedback in the for of personal experience. Anyhow awhile back I wrote an article on that described each of the best64 rules in more detail and there was a request for the article to be updated now that the ruleset has been improved. Below are the details of the new best64.rule file that will be released in all new releases of the Hashcat software line as of 04-21-2012.