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2001 Honda Civic: Air Conditioning & Power Locks Stopped Working And Emergency Brake Light On

I primarily write about computer hardware and software on this site however the intention has always been to write articles that assist people in resolving problems. A couple days ago my wifes car, which is a 2001 Honda Civic, started having multiple problems all at the same time. These problems included the air conditioner compressor not kicking on, the power locks not working, the emergency brake light was constantly on, and the dome light no longer came on when the doors were opened however the dome light itself still worked. After a little research I found out that all of these issues combined point to the MCU (Multi-Control Unit) being the problem. The bad part is the MCU is built into the fuse box so below is information on what I had to do to replace the fuse box.

Technology Insights

How To Switch Between Nvidia Hybrid SLI Modes On A Dell XPS 1340 Laptop

If you have read any of my other articles recently you know by now that I recently received my new laptop which is a Dell Studio XPS 1340 running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit OS. So far I love it and have been learning a bunch of new features related to Windows 7 as well as the Dell laptop. The Dell XPS 1340 has two video card options which include the default Nvidia GeForce 9600M graphics card or the upgraded Nvidia GeForce G210M graphics card. There are a couple differences between them including Hybrid SLI technology which allows you too easily switch between a performance configuration or a battery saving configuration. Below I describe how to easily switch between the Hybrid SLI modes.

Technology Insights

Tmobile Google G1 Android Cell Phone Won’t Turn on

My wife has a Google G1 phone from T-Mobile and she couldn’t get it to turn on the other day. It was stuck at a screen with the Android logo on the front and pressing any buttons would not resolve the issue. I decided to remove the battery from the G1 cell phone to make sure it completely rebooted.

Removing the battery was a task in itself. There are a bunch of videos to explain how to do this but even with the video it was hard to remove the case that covers the battery.