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AWS SSH Key Login Failed Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic)

Having trouble logging into an AWS instance using an SSH key? I was too and when I finally figured out what the issue was I was kicking myself. Recently I was called to assist figuring out information about a clients AWS deployment for a project where the original developers were no longer available or answering questions. Most of the instances that I initially worked on had no issues once I was able to obtain the correct SSH key pem file from Amazon. When the project was closing down I was asked to assist backing things up and it appeared the SSH key was failing for two of the instances which also happened to be the oldest two instances (2 years old). Below I describe the error I was seeing via SSH as well as the easy resolution to the problem.

Technology Insights

Create And Mount Amazon AWS EC2 EBS Storage To AWS EC2 Linux Instance

Amazon’s AWS products are pretty amazing and allow you to scale with ease for short or long term projects. One thing that can be helpful is mounting extra storage to AWS instances so you have the ability to unmount the storage and mount to different instances in the future. The other benefit is the ability to terminate an Amazon AWS instance and keep the Elastic Block Store (EBS) volume to use on another AWS instance at a later date. Use the directions below to create an Amazon EC2 EBS volume, attach the volume to an Amazon AWS instance, format the volume, and then mount the volume to the instance.

Technology Insights

Convert Amazon Web Services Private RSA Key For Use With SecureCRT

When I first was working with an Amazon Web Services instance at EC2 I was getting frustrated trying to use SecureCRT to connect to the AWS instance. When you configure an instance you are required to configure an Amazon EC2 key pair which will allow you to connect to your instances via SSH.  The problem is once you receive the key pair via download it will not work with SecureCRT so you need to convert it to a public key to work. I did a lot of searching and didn’t find much but the below worked for me.