Information Security

pfSense IPSec Road Warrior OSX Client And Configuration

If you are not hip to pfSense I suggest you check it out. It is an open source firewall that is making waves in InfoSec. The pfSense guys have a great howto for configuring IPSec VPN on the pfSense firewall as well as making connections via a freeware Windows IPSec VPN client called Shrew Soft which can be read by clicking here. The only item lacking in the article is a recommendation for a Mac OSX client as well as configuration tips for a Mac OSX client which is the sole point of this article. Below is information about where to download a freeware Mac OSX IPSec VPN client and then the necessary configuration to make a connection to the suggested settings noted in the howto of the pfSense web site.

Information Security

View Wireless Authentication Type Using Wireshark In Network Capture: PSK, WPA

It is possible to crack WPA/WPA2 wireless network credentials using any number of open source tools available now including oclHashcat+, aircrack-ng, or pyrit to name a few. If you are having trouble cracking a password it is possible that the network uses RADIUS authentication instead of pre-shared keys(PSK). Now you could see this when if you looked at the details of the network you were attempting to capture authentication packets for as it would display as WPA Enterprise versus WPA Personal. It definitely happens though that this is not considered during the capture so you may need to verify that a network is WPA/WPA2 Personal versus WPA/WPA2 Enterprise once you are attempting to crack the authentication. You can do this using Wireshark and the details below.

Technology Errors

SVN Checkout: svn: Cannot negotiate authentication mechanism

You may receive an error similar to the one below stating that SVN cannot negotiate the authentication mechanism during initial installation of Subversion. I received the below error when I was testing a new SVN repository I had set up on a CentOS Linux server and was attempting to checkout the repo from another CentOS Linux server. Below I describe basic configuration and what was done to move pas this error.

svn: Cannot negotiate authentication mechanism