Code Snippets

Backtrack cisco-auditing-tool Additional Enable Password Confirmation Added

When using the cisco-auditing-tool script located in the Backtrack Linux menu ( Backtrack > Vulnerability Assessment > Network Assessment > Cisco Tools ) I was getting an error even though I was sure one of the passwords I had in the wordlist was accurate. After some troubleshooting I was able to figure out that the script checked for a non-privileged account on the Cisco device but if the account was actually a privileged account which is also known as an enable account it would crash because it never received the response it expected. I added a couple lines of code and now the cisco-auditing-tool Perl script will provide confirmation of lower level accounts on a Cisco device as well as enable level accounts on a Cisco device. Below I describe the error message output when the cisco-auditing-tool Perl script was crashing followed by the code update to provide Cisco enable level password auditing.