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iPhone Visual Voicemail Not Working With iOS Beta 6

I updated my iPhone to iOS Beta 6 a couple weeks back and ever since I have not been receiving visual voicemail notifications. Initially I thought people were just not leaving me voicemails but once I finally called into voicemail by holding the number one on my iPhone keypad to check voicemail I realized I had 25 voicemails. Once they were all cleared out I moved on the trying to fix the visual voicemail issue which turns out is really easy to resolve by following the below steps.

Technology Insights

Disable ATT Wireless GPS Tracking Via Loopt On Your iPhone

While looking over my iPhone ATT Wireless plan features I noticed that they enable the application Loopt access by default. Loopt is a social media application that provides a method to view the location of your friends or your friends the ability to see your location on your iPhone using GPS technology. Even though you are still required to provide access to each person that can view your location I view this as a security risk and would think that ATT should keep this disabled by default and require a person to explicitly enable this feature instead. Below is information on how to disable this so called feature via the ATT Wireless web site.

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How Much Do Internationl Text Messages Cost From iPhone On ATT Wireless

I have been doing some business with people overseas and sometimes we communicate via text message so I needed to verify how much it cost to send text messages from my iPhone on ATT Wireless’s network to cell phones overseas. In my specific case I wanted to verify sending text messages from the United States to London, England or the United Kigdom. After looking around a bit I found that only certain countries are supported and it costs $0.25 per text message. Below I have listed some more resources and information on picture messaging.

Technology Errors

ATT iPhone Visual Voicemail Not Working After iPhone 3.1 Firmware Upgrade

After upgrading my iPhone to firmware version 3.1 my Visual Voicemail stopped working. Initially I wasn’t sure what the issue was but I was not receiving voicemail via the iPhone. I did finally find out that I could retrieve the voicemail by holding the 1 key which will then dial voicemail and let you retrieve your voicemail. If you are able to retrieve your voicemail by holding the 1 key but the voicemails are not showing up in the iPhone voicemail interface then there is an issue with what ATT calls Visual Voicemail.

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Toll Free Number Comparison, Includes 800, 877, 866 Numbers

Recently I did some research on purchasing a toll free number for a project I was working on. I figured it might be useful to others to provide a short list of the options I came across and some of the details. One thing that was important during this search was the fact that the toll free number had to allow multiple connections. I describe in this article the need for this if you are curious for my reasoning.

Below is a list of some of the companies I researched and information regarding a package they offer. Information listed will include website/sales contact, the monthly cost, minutes included in the plan, the per minute charge after the initial minutes are used, and the number of connections if I was able to get that information easily.