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I Wasn’t Able To Locate File For The us.hackulo.appsync40plus Package

The guy at the corner store near my house is always having me do some form of hack on his iPhone or some other random technical project so the other day when I went in to get a pack of smokes it was no surprise that he was asking me about how to upgrade Installous on his iPhone 4. He had Installous version 4 installed but I believe that Installous version 4.1.1 had been released and that is what he wanted to upgrade to. Easy enough however when I attempted to upgrade the package via Cydia it errored out. Below I describe how to get the new Installous installed.

Technology Insights

How To Install Installous From Cydia

A friend had me jailbreak their iPhone 3G the other day and once that was completed he later asked if I could install Installous as well. Installous is an application on a jailbroken iDevice that will allow you to search and install applications similar to the Apple iTunes store. Follow the directions below to install Installous from within the Cydia application.

Technology Errors

iTunes Error 0xE8008001: Installing Unsigned Apps On Cydia Jailbroken 3.0 iPhone

If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch you may come across custom applications that you would like to install via iTunes so all of your applications are still managed in one place. I originally thought that I would just be able to drag the applications directly into iTunes, sync my iPod Touch with iTunes, and begin using my new application. I believe this used to be the case before iPhone OS 3.0 was released which is the version of firmware installed on my Touch. Anyhow I attempted to proceed by following the below steps and ran into an error also noted below.