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Listen to Evernote Voice Notes Using Quicktime By Default

I recently started using Evernote to store all of the notes I take on a daily basis. This allows me to have a centralized storage location for all of my notes that I can access from multiple devices including many computers, iPhone, iPod Touch, the Internet, and my Blackberry 8320 Curve.  I was playing around with all of the different types of notes that you could take from the Blackberry device which included regular text notes, voice notes, camera snapshots, and uploading files.

After I took down a voice note with the Blackberry microphone I synchronized it with Evernote and attempted to listen to the voice note from my laptop Evernote installation.  It prompted me to install Real Player to be able to listen to the voice note however I am not a fan of Real Player and decided to find out why something else that was already installed would not play the voice note which had a .AMR ending.