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Amazon Machine Tags WordPress Plugin Not Working, Easy Switch To Amazon Product In A Post Plugin

I have been using the Amazon Machine Tags WordPress plugin on numerous sites for a long time and have been happy with the results up until the last couple of months. I believe that Amazon has made some changes to their API over the last year or so and it has caused a lot of issues with the Amazon Machine Tags plugin. I even wrote this article in mid February discussing a work around that would allow the Amazon Machine Tags plugin to continue working until the developer was able to make some changes. Since that time I have been monitoring my posts to see if the Amazon products are always displaying and unfortunately even with the fix mentioned in the February article items were still not displaying at all times. Below I noted an alternative that provides solid functionality.

Technology Insights

Amazon Machine Tags WordPress Plugin Not Working After Upgrade

If you are using the Amazon Machine Tags plugin for WordPress then you are aware that Amazon recently changed their policy for the Amazon Product Advertising API and now will require that all requests are authenticated. Initially with the AMT (Amazon Machine Tags) plugin you wethe re only required to have the Amazon Access Key ID configured and not the Amazon Secret Access Key. Most people probably already had the Secret Access Key configured however if you did not have your “Secret Access Key” configured then after upgrading the AMT plugin will no longer work. If this is the case then your Amazon Machine Tags will display like the below in your WordPress posts instead of displaying the product properly.

Example AMT WordPress Post Tag: “[ amtap book:isbn=0596510489 ]”