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WARNING: Your version of iTALM requires upgrading please visit the upgrade page

I have been using iTunes Affiliate Link Maker (iTALM) for a couple weeks now and had spoken to the developer a couple times before the previous upgrade. He was making a bunch of major changes and actually did a great job in getting the plugin to work now with displaying application affiliate links. It appears that when upgrading from previous versions that the version wasn’t set correctly and so now on every page of your WordPress admin site you will see the below warning message.

Technology Insights

iTunes App Store Affiliate Links Using LinkShare Explained

You can resell iTunes App Store items using the LinkShare service. I haven’t had much luck generating links to iPhone applications using any third party applications or using LinkShare’s link building interface either so I imagine others are having issues as well. Below I will explain the links themselves and explain how to buildĀ iTunes App Store LinkShare URL’s manually. If you have the base link then you can manually switch out your LinkShare reseller ID and the iTunes App Store product ID to build the links yourself. There are a bunch of other variables built in so I will try to explain what they mean and if they need to be changed.