Technology Errors

Cannot Delete Properties: Error While Deleting Key

Earlier this week I got into a Windows registry mess because of issues syncing my iPhone with my Windows 7 laptop. For some reason the AutoPlay function stopped working so I had to get into the registry and manually delete some keys. Along the way I ran into Windows Registry Keys that I was unable to delete however by using the directions below you can delete any registry key. Please note that you should not modify anything in your Windows Registry without knowing what you are doing and also without making sure you have backed up the registry before you begin.

Technology Insights

Set Opera Web Browser To Update Automatically Or To Notify Of New Opera Updates Only

As of Opera 10 you can set Opera to update automatically, notify of updates only, or to not even check for updates. I don’t use Opera daily however I probably do use it at least once a week for various tasks such as torrent downloads. Recently when I launched Opera it let me know that an update was available and asked if I wanted to download and install. I quickly clicked yes to upgrade Opera but realized that there was another option that was checked to upgrade Opera automatically in the future. I personally like to be notified about upgrades and then run the upgrade myself when it is convenient so I needed to modify this setting back to only notify me of new Opera updates. Below are instructions on how to set Opera web browser to upgrade automatically, notify you of Opera browser updates, or to not even check for new updates available for the Opera web browser.

Technology Insights

Disable Accelerators IE8, Turn Off Accelerators Internet Explorer 8

Did you recently upgrade your Internet Explorer to version 8 and maybe got a little overwhelmed with all the new features? Some of the new features of Microsoft IE8 are great however in my opinion there is to much bloat. It appears that Microsoft has gone a little overboard trying to integrate in all of their MSN Live properties into your desktop. One of the annoying features is the little blue boxes called Internet Explorer Accelerators that pop up every time you highlight something on a web page. Even after uninstalling all of the IE Accelerators a faded out little blue box pops open just to let you know that Accelerators are still available. Below I describe how to completely disable Internet Explorer 8 Accelerators.