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How To Troubleshoot Or Verify WordPress Google Analyticator Plugin Functionality

One of my favorite plugins for WordPress is the Google Analyticator plugin that provides an easy way for you to interface your WordPress site with Google Analytics. There have been a couple times after upgrades that I wanted to verify that Google Analyticator was functioning properly and wasn’t exactly sure of the best method. After a couple emails back and forth with the developer he shared how he suggests to troubleshoot it and verify it is functioning properly. So thanks to Ronald Heft for providing not only the plugin but also for taking the time to share some extra information with me. Follow the directions below to verify the Google Analyticator plugin using the Firefox addon Firebug.

Technology Insights

Download Youtube Videos Using Firefox Add-On Called 1-Click Youtube Video Download

Someone at work asked me today if I could download a Youtube video for them so they could burn it to DVD for some project. I remembered being able to do this with a Firefox plugin but had forgotten which plugin I previously used. After a quick search I came up with the 1-Click Youtube Video Download Firefox plugin which made the task really easy. Follow the directions below to download Youtube videos.

Technology Insights

Configure Fring on iPod Touch with Broadvoice SIP Service

Some people may wonder if their Broadvoice SIP account will work with Fring. The answer is yes. Other people may wonder if VoIP will work on their iPod Touch and again the answer is yes. Follow the easy steps below to configure Fring on your iPod Touch with Broadvoice VoIP service. Apple is coming out with a headset/mic combo for the iPod Touch but any second generation iPhone headset with a mic should work.

  1. Install Fring: Download Fring from iTunes and install Fring on your Touch.
  2. Install Addon: Click the More button after launching Fring