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Remove Unwanted Start Up Programs from Mac OS X Leopard

As I have been using this new mac, installing software and getting things just the way I like them, I noticed that many times when adding a program it wants to add it self to the start up. Its funny because this is one thing in Windos which always bothered me and now it happening on my mac as well. Even when you uninstall software , system start-up files are still left behind and can still load up at boot time. You can speed up your boot time and reduce unnecessary system bloat from OS X by removing old system start-up files that you no longer need. if this is happening to you read on its very easy to edit the start up programs list.

Technology Insights

Outlook IMAP Accounts: Download Headers Only or Download Complete Items Including Attachments

When settings up an IMAP account in Microsoft Outlook you will download only the headers by default. Personally I like to have all of my emails easily accessible online and offline even with IMAP accounts so below I describe how to setup your IMAP accounts to download the entire email message including any attachments.

Follow the below steps to setup a custom Outlook send and receive group. In this group you can pick and choose which accounts to includes and which IMAP folders to download. For each IMAP account you can specify numerous different options including if you want to sync a specific folder, if you want to download only the headers, or if you want to download the entire message including any attachments.

  1. Open Define Send/Receive Groups: First you need to open the “Define Send/Receive Groups” within Outlook. Click on Tools in the top navigation menu, then select “Send/Receive” from the drop down, followed by “Send/Receive Settings” from the pop out menu, and from the second pop out menu select “Define Send/Receive Groups”. The menus are shown below in the image.