Technology Errors

pfSense Install Package Could Not Unlink

Recently received a 1U IPSU NetGate ALIX Single to perform some testing with pfSense on this type of platform. I was looking for a way to track the device and hoping to use DMI information so needed to first install dmidecode. Anyhow ran into a couple issues which are noted below along with resolutions for those issues.

Technology Insights

PowerDVD DX 8.1 on Windows Vista Sound Not Working, Other Sound Including Windows Media Player Working Fine

A client of mine had me troubleshoot a problem on one if his Windows Vista┬álaptops running PowerDVD DX 8.1 to play DVD’s from the internal DVD drive. I have used PowerDVD in the past but it has been awhile so I wasn’t exactly sure what the problem was right away. He said that one of his sons had been messing with the *function button along with the number keys at the top and the sound stopped working. I looked through each of the possibilities and nothing made sense that could have caused the sound to quit working.