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iPhone 4, iOS4: iPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode Even When No Headphones Present

Today I got some condensation on my iPhone 4 and immediately afterwards it appeared that the phone was not working properly. Finally I figured out that the issue was simply that the phone thought that headphones were plugged into it when in fact there were no headphones plugged in. This caused numerous issues including the touch screen sounds to not be heard, me to not hear when people called me though they could hear me, the iPod to not play through the speakers, and any other sounds that you would hear directly through the iPhone speakers. After tooling around with the headphone jack I was able to get this working properly again as explained below.

Technology Insights

Upgrade LiteSpeed Web Server to 4.0.1 from 3.3.24 on Linux

Upgrading LiteSpeed web server from 3.x.x to 4.x.x is easy even though you cannot do so through the web admin console. You are probably used to being able to click the upgrade link in the web admin console and have LiteSpeed do all of the work including having already downloaded the newer release. When upgrading between major versions though you are going to have to put in a little bit more work. Follow the directions below which outline step by step what needs to be done to upgrade LiteSpeed web server from 3.x to 4.x. Below the installation instructions is a more descriptive output of what you will see during the upgrade.

  1. Download New LiteSpeed Version: Logon to your Linux server and change the directory to /usr/local/src to download the 4.x version of LiteSpeed as described below.

    1. cd /usr/local/src
    2. wget